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Community Development Programs

Our community develop programs seek to fix and rebuild community churches, restore family housing and clean up our neighborhood streets, parks and alleys ways. Our community development programs also gives us an opportunity to better understand the community needs and refer them to other programs or resources that will enrich their lives. These programs create opportunities for individuals to earn income while giving back to the community and learn more about the services provided in their neighborhood.

  • The R.O.S.E Ministry

    • The program seeks to clean, organize, and fix the homes of elderly men and women who have little or no income whether or not they are being cared for or have no support. Our goal is to show our expression of appreciation for their years of labor and the love of God by assessing their needs and restoring their homes so they can live in a comfortable environment.

  • The House Restoration Program

    • Seeks to help low or no income families and families associated with the church to maintain suitable living condition and enhance their way of living at no cost.

  • The Church Revitalization Program

    • Seeks to restore, maintain, rebuild, fix, and enhance community churches

  • The Neighborhood Clean-up projects

    • SRestoring neighborhoods block by block and encouraging community involvement.

Ministry Programs

Our ministry programs focus on Outreach, Mentorship, training & development. Our goal is to enrich the lives of all our participants by turning their calling into a career in an environment where they do not have to compromise their salvation and spread the gospel of Christ in ministries gear to their specific talent or skill.

  • Sports Ministry

    • Introducing students to the gospel through free sports activities including but not limited to basketball, weight lifting, track and more

    • All participants must participate in nutrition workshops

  • Performing Arts Ministry (developing)

    • Turning individual talents into careers without compromising the gospel and promoting biblical education through the arts
    • Music, song, dance, theater and lyrical expressions


  • Prison Ministry

    • Educational workshops & worship services

    • Ongoing mentorship during &  beyond incarceration

  •  Shelter Missions

    • Worship services and live entertainment

    • Creating Employment opportunities

  • Street Missions

    • Reaching out and helping the homeless

Outreach Programs (developing)


  • Transitional Housing

    • Placement and development of individuals recently released from prison

  • Veterans Housing

    • Provide veterans that are recently discharged a sanctuary that will help them decompress and transition back to healthy interactions with their families and the communities in which they will reside

  • Orphanage/Kid Safety Housing

    • Placement and development of youth that have experienced trauma and/or lack guardianship

Housing Programs (developing)

Entrepreneur Mentor Programs (developing)

This program has been developed in partnership with ECFC Corporation. The goal of the Entrepreneur Mentor Program is to train future leaders in different skill sets, nurture their nature born talents, and develop them to be legitimate tax paying business owners and/or polished working professionals. This program consist of three components:

  • Entrepreneurship Training

    • Train individuals on how to become successful business owners

  • Mentoring

    • Provide emotional support and spiritual guidance

  • Job Placement

    • Temporary employment services in partnership with Emmanuel Coalition For Change

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